Northug’s Personalized Bib Being Auctioned Off. Check Out Lucky Number

Trust Petter Northug to give media an excuse to write about himself – even the smallest thing presents an opportunity that we can’t pass.

Case in point: Northug’s memento from  the Ugra ski marathon in Russia which the King of Skis had honored by his presence earlier this year.

In Siberia Petter sang Happy Birthday to Sergey Ustiugov ( also present), was flogged with “banny venik” or birch tree broom in a Russian “banya” or steam sauna…

And, last but not the least, have made a request for a personalized race bib number.

Number 69. Petter Northug Jr.

Now the race organizers are holding an online raffle for that personalized bib ( with a word “personalized” stressed – naturally)

Either because of his fiery performances on track, or because of his risque jokes and flamboyant personality, Northug is far and away the most popular foreign skier in Russia. There’s a little doubt that many would compete for a chance to possess his argh, lucky number.

Top Photo courtesy of FB account

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