New Competition Format Is Born – Roller Skiing VS Cross Country Skiing

What is faster – ‘snow’ skis or rollerskis? The athletes from the Swiss sprint team decided to check it out. Say hello to Erwan Käser, competing on Marwe 610As and Roman Schaad, Fischer Speedmax!

This duel did not go unnoticed. The Italian World Champion in 200m rollerski sprint, Emmanuele Beccis, feinted felling indignant that he had been forgotten. He offered to the Swiss to repeat their challenge, but with the strongest: himself on rollers with slow vs ski supersprint-champion Ludvig “Ludde” Jensen (announcement – read a separate interview with Emmanuele Beccis later this week on the DailySkier).

“They are the fastest! – 3-time Olypmic Champion Dario Cologna stood up for his compatriots. – They are bullets!” – the Swiss sprinters’ Instagram account is called “xc ski_bullets”.

“That’s right they are the fastest bullets, but you have to see live how fast can go the rockets”, – answers Beccis.

Then Beccis launched a vote on his Insta-account. Of course, his followers decided, that the show “LeLe vs Ludde” would be far more interesting, then the Swiss’ competition.

However, Erwan Käser and Roman Schaad would be eternally remembered as trailblazers who gave birth to a rather entertaining format. FIS should take a note: October/November are the months when rollerski tracks are not yet frozen yet artificial snow tracks are already widely available.

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