Skiers’ Lawyer: Investigation Concludes There Was No Probe Tampering

Olympic champion of Sochi 2014 Alexander Legkov and silver medalist Evgeniy Belov are proven to be doping-free by Swiss scientists.

That is according to a German lawyer for Legkov and Belov, Christof Wischemann, the interview with whom have appeared in the leading Russian media outlet Sport Express on Friday.

As per Wischemann, the investigation revealed there was no scratch marks whatsoever on all the samples of one of “his” two skiers ( without naming which) , in case of the other there were scratches on one of the three sample containers which de-facto proves him innocent as well.

Wischemann quotes hitherto unpublished findings of the University of Lausanne that was tasked with proving conclusively whether the samples were tampered with or not.

The samples tampering was the key allegation against Russian skiers stemming from the WADA probe, conducted by Richard McLaren ( a.k.a McLaren Report): the report said that Russian officials had found a way to remove tamper-proof lids from test containers at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
This purportedly allowed them to swap samples but left incriminating scratch-like marks on those containers.

The IOC’s Oswald Commission is supposed to meet in Lausanne on Monday to hear Legkov, Belov and the rest of the Russian Six. If indeed tampering investigation came to nothing – the Russians could finally leave this chapter of their lives behind and move on.

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