Losing Belly Fat With A Little Help From My Friends In Pharma Industry

Those of us in perfect shape and in the bloom of their life – please, read no further ( at least not just yet). For the rest – here’s some good news.

That could be summed up in one phrase “AMPK metabolic activator seem to be finally here. Or almost here.”

If you did not quite follow – here’s a quick summary of why it is of vital interest for you & I and quite a chunk of the skiers at the starting block of every marathon:

AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase – and good luck remembering that!) is a cellular enzyme that acts as the “switch” that tells our cells when to produce & store energy-containing molecules such as fat, – and when to start using your existing energy stores in form of that belly fat that hampers us on uphill climbs.

When, through the complex body reaction, turned “on,” AMPK triggers the use of stored energy (fats!) , lowers blood sugar, assist in production of mitochondria , reduces inflammation and generally slows down the body aging . Win-win-win

The million dollar question is, of course, how to give your body a nudge in that direction. It is been long understood by scientists and that “Calorie restriction” ( beautiful euphemism for eating less) and strenuous exercise activate AMPK.

But what if that mechanism could be replicated – or helped – by taking supplements? Haven’t we all wished at some point on a distance for “a little help from my friends” in drug-making industry?

Little wonder that international pharmaceutical giants are in the race to produce a reliable activator. Even the food monster Nestlé is in it , promising an “exercise in a bottle” in the near future

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This month two separate events have indicated that the wait is nearly over, the results are almost there for us.

The Lyon basesed biopharmaceutical company Poxel has announced that it “ has initiated a Phase 1b multiple ascending dose (MAD) trial” for its branded PXL770 AMPK activator. Completion of the MAD trial is anticipated in early 2018 – after that, presumably, it wont take long till the actual “pill” arrives to pharmacies and doctors’ offices.

For those who can’t wait that long, there is a brand new dietary supplement by Florida- based Life Extension® that claims to perform the same or similar function by using natural ingredients. It has an advantage of already being available on the market.

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