Music Or No Music While Training: World’s Best Ski Marathoners Share Their Preferences

We at the Dailyskier like asking world’s best skiers their opinion on things pertaining to their training and performance.

Last time it was about rollerskis they prefer

This time around we went all the way up and asked them what’s in their ears – if anything, that is.

– Do you ever train with earphones/loudspeakers on?
– If “yes” – what do you listen to ( music, radio, podcasts, audiobooks) ?

Andreaas Nygaard
-I never use music in training. Ever!

John Kristian Dahl
– Sometimes I train with earphones, mostly without, focusing on technique etc. I will recommend fast beats like dance/edm for hard training, and meaningful podcast, with whatever you are interested in, for slow training. I mostly listen to this mentioned above , for example Avicii for hard training or strengths. And podcast like “Sam Harris – Wake up” or some comedian like Norwegian radioshow “Misjonen” or some real crime stories and popular “serial”.

Masako Ishida:
– I could like to listen to some music when I am in the Gym – that’s enough for me. And also long aerobic training especially when I am alone. Sometimes I can get some radio – it is enough for me! For example, energetic music, that kind

Petter Eliassen
-I dont use music during training so I’m not the right person to ask .. I think it can be good and entertaining but some times disturbing.

Anders Aukland:
– Just in gym. Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, Ramstein, Nitzer Ebb.
Don’t need earphones. Looks like a girl training aerobic…

Bruno Debertolis
– I normally listen music during Gym session, I love underground, house music and for full Power – AC-DС
I’ve never used music during outdoor training, I prefer listening to the sounds of naturе.

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