Today in Skiing: All News That’s Fit To Print

Winter is coming – only seven weeks separate us from the FIS World Cup first race in Ruka, Finland. More news about or related to skiing is coming in. We don’t pretend to cover them all – rather, we do a bit of selection based on the wow-factor. Let’s hope you like it.

1. Russian skiers are the first to present their new racing suits for the Olympic season. The supplier stays the same (Russian Ski Federation has a long term contract with Adidas) – but what a radical departure in color scheme! From (kinda) pink’n’blue of the last season the new ones have gone all burgundy!

The presentation was all homey affair – no press conferences and photoshoots. Out of nowhere, a photo of nameless skier with a cropped out head has appeared at the Federation. In a kitchen, with stove and utensils as a background! Talk about down-to-earth presentation (We think the skier in picture is one of the young Russian talents, Anastasia Sedova, identifiable by her nicely manicured nails).

The first one to be featured in new suit on the track in Dachstein (full frontal this time) is a sprinter Gleb Retivykh.

2. While Sergey Ustiugov & Co are testing their new outfits in the Austrian Alps, one of their main rivals – the world champ Federico Pellegrino of Italy – has decided to share with the world a picture of himself, embracing his long-time girlfriend, Greta Laurent. Or she did. Either way, the new family photo of Pellegrino/Laurent sets new standards for openness in the skiing world – how often do you see skiing couples in the sauna together?

3. Well, some like it hot – and then the others, clearly, like it cold.

Anastasia Shcherba, a skier from the Sakha-Yakutia, Russia, invites everyone to join her in her native Siberia – and it’s “only” 8000 km from Moscow! Natural snow and minus 7 tomorrow – that’s Aldan, early snow capital of Russia skiing, for you.

Photo courtesy of:, Russian Ski Assosiation

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