Same Rollerskis For Everyone In Competitions Or Different? Now We Ask World’s Best Ski Marathoners

This is Part 2 of our questionnaire:

See here what rollerski marathon organizers had to say

Today is a turn of some of the world’s best marathoners – both on skis and rollerskis – to weigh in on the issue.

Some rollerski races follow the rules of winter skis i.e. each racer performs on individually chosen and prepared skis.

Others ( e.g. Blink, Allianslopper, recent Fiemme Rollerski Cup) go the opposite way: every member of the elite performs on identical rollerskis provided by a sponsor thus evening out the field somewhat

What is a right way in your opinion? Which of the two options above you prefer when competing?


Anders Aukland, Olympic & world champion, Vasaloppet winner:
– If we want high-profile World Cup long distance skiers to participate , then definitely same (rollers)skis to everyone. From the organizers. Then it is almost the same that in winter. No-limits skis is like Rollerblade and is for totally different people. I thinl rollerski is important for the future in skiing.

Lukáš Bauer, World Cup winner & Winter Olympics silver medallist:
-I´m 100% for identical rollerskis – e.g. the same brand, model, wheels, ideally from the same production series…in rollerskis there are much bigger differences compared to winter skis and I think that difference is that those races who used identical rollerskis are interested to have there “winter skiers” and not “just” rollerski specialists… if there will be open game, when you can make as big tuning of rollerskis as you want, then many of those “winter skiers” will not come, because you have to be a specialist in it, if you want succeed… .. but, the question is, how difficult and limiting it is for race organisers to get support of their race by rollerski brand – especially for smaller races…

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Markus Ottosson, Team Lager157
– I will answer as an elite skier: When roller ski races uses standard type “2” wheels the most convenient for the elite is go on sponsor-provided skis. As long as the different roller ski brands lack a strict standardization of the wheels I don’t see how it can be a fair race unless we go on borrowed ones.

With races on race type wheels it is a different matter. But long distance races including the average skier cannot go on race type of wheels, that would go too fast in my opinion.

But it is a problem when we don’t go on the fastest wheels possible. There is a more to gain on cheating then.

John Kristian Dahl, triple Vasaloppet winner:

– I prefer same rollerskis for everyone, because of the danger with too fast skis. And it’s more like winter skiing. If the rollerskis are too fast there will be almost none who could break away from the pack

Seraina Boner, double Birkebeinerrennet winner
– I prefere same rollerskis for everyone. Seen it in races in Switzerland when we bring our own and everyone is just trying to do something to get fastest wheels. I don’t know how – and have the slowest ones, haha.

Petter Eliassen, Vasaloppet and Birkebeinerrennet winner
– I think that it should be in the way it is now with the same rollerskis for everyone, with type 2 wheels or so. If they let people have their own skis, the speed could be dangerously high, – a lot higher than skiing on snow.

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Morten Eide Pedersen, double Jizerská padesátka winner:
– I think the best thing is that everyone can use the same skis and brand when possible with race sponsor which can lend out ski to all participants. Then everyone can compete on equal terms. Rolleskis with competition wheels can not be compared to the resistance you have skiing in the winter. Thats the main reason I’m not so positive at competition skiing, then it’s not comparable with winter. There is also greater risk of injury due to higher speed and it is harder to reduce speed with these skis – especially when you think that amateurs will use this. You will not get the same benefit from the training if you compare with winter either. The main reason for rollerskis is to maintain and become stronger for the next ski season.


We haven’t heard yet from rollerski specialists – but looking forward to publish their opinion

Images courtesy of Fiemme Rollerski Cup and Kanalrennet

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