Rossignol And Salomon (Try To) Throw Down Gauntlet At Fischer

If you’re a cross-country skier, there’s a 100% chance that you either own yourself or see your peers use something that carries a black-n-yellow Fischer logo.

For decades the family-owned company from Ried-im-Innkreis rules supreme in the world of narrow skis.

The statistics are overwhelming: at the Sochi Olympics athletes using the Austrian brand skis won 109 medals out of 159 in skiing competitions.

Clearly, not a situation Fischer’s rivals are prepared to put up with. And where there’s a will there’s a way:

Rossignol, a brand of Skis Rossignol S.A. appears to be the most aggressive in the Olympic season so far: Calle Halfvarsson, one of the leaders of Team Sweden has just announced the switch. He tested the French company’s gear in the off-season and even won a rollerski competition Toppidrettsveka, using X-IUM Carbon Premium Skate boots. Halfvarsson also want you to know that “it felt really good” when he tested Rossignol skis.

Rossignol has also signed Olympic-hopefuls Adrian Backsheider (France) Erik Silfver (Sweden) and Hovard Taugboel (Norway)- but only Backsheider was a “Fischer athlete” so far.

But the Fischer’s loss and Rossignol’s gain in the coming season is a triple Olympic champ Daria Domracheva. Her husband’s commitment to Madshus seems to be rock-solid though – Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Madshus have announced their ambitious plan to conquer China earlier this month.

Salomon, a brand owned by Finland-based Amer Sports also efforting to chip away some of the Fischer’s territory. Ex -World champion Sjur Roethe (Norway) and an ex-Team Santander skier Jens Eriksson (Sweden) both have announced they are switching to Salomon. It is to be remembered that last year Alex Harvey got out of his contract with the Austrians a year before it was due to expire to switch to Salomon – and to win 50km race in Lahti-2017.

It would be fair to say though that it’s not all one-way street out of Fischer and to other brands: last season, as Harvey was moving from Fischer to Salomon, another marathon champ, Sochi-2014 winner Alexander Legkov of Russia, switched from Rossignol to Fischer.

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