Petter Northug Dreams About His Brother’s Girlfriend!

Petter Northug may or may not be the best skier currently living on this planet (according to him he is) – but he surely is the most entertaining of the bunch.

Ever wanted to learn the Olympic and world champion’s secrets? Well that time has come finally: the King of Ski went through a lie detector test!

With some modifications: instead of hard looking goons in lab coats (or whoever is supposed to administer it according to latest Hollywood silver screen tales), Northug was subjected to questioning by people who know him well. Or do they, now?

LØGNDETEKTORTEST!!!! Det VERSTE jeg har vært med på NOENSINNE!! RIIS BILGLASS #spons (Husk: Best med lyd)

Posted by Petter Northug on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Even Northug, the young brother of the King, was first to go. – Naturally, his was “Have you ever had sexual fantasies about my girlfriend?” Not an unreasonable inquiry: it’s very difficult – to not think about Julie Karlsen. It turns, Petter was no exception: of course, he blushed and said “no”, but the polygraph was certain: – he tells lie.

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We are left with no choice but to introduce Julie Karlsen, 19 properly: she’s an elite skier too, placed several times in top-10 in Norwegian Junior competition. Before Julie was publishing fascinating photos to her Instagram – but then she changed her mind about becoming the second Karoline Wollan and made her account private. Now we can admire her in elder sister’s Instagram.

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…Then Petter Northug offended his brother again. It is revealed now, that he likes their middle-brother Tomas (27) more than Even.

However, he was honest answerting Stig Rune Kveen’s queery: “You train with me for three years. Are you satisfied?” “Yes”. The guy is lucky – it’s very hard job to be a personal coach to Petter Northug!

If you think Petter Northug was the only one dabbling into dark arts of lie detecting, think again, several top Swedish skiers were subjected to a similar interrogation last winter. The info below is the clearest possible case of “more info that I need”, but if you must… Calle Halfvarsson, for instance, had sex in the National Team’s bus while the Olympic champion Marcus Hellner once masturbated while his roommate was asleep (Yes, we warned you!)

And what questions would you ask to the skiers?

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