Justyna Kowalczyk Lights Up Twitter With New Photos

Justyna Kowalczyk have made thousands of her fans go ecstatic with new pictures she just published on her Twitter account.

A 34 year old, who has a cult following in her native Poland – and is hugely popular with skiing fans the world over – has posted an “inside view” of a commercial photoshoot for her sponsor, Bank Santader.

On one of the photo a double Olympic champion dons a “femme fatale” image, featuring long night gown and enhanced by vampish makeup. Twitter went crazy with many fans comparing their hero to actress Cate Blanchett ( we’re not so sure)

 Justyna Kowalczyk , a recognized specialist of classic style, has left the ski marathon Team Santader last month with a bit of a slam on the door, accusing the outfit run by the brothers Jörgen and Anders Aukland of becoming “too Norwegian”. She, however, kept her personal sponsorship deal with Bank Santader, one of the Europe’s biggest.

Unlike most of the skiing stars nowadays, for whom Instagram is medium of choice, Kowalchyk maintains loyalty to her 33K+ Twitter followers. A prolific blogger and often-columnist, Justyna had long reached a celebrity status in her native land. Her twits are both witty and entertaining – if you ever needed an excuse to start learning Polish, there is no better one!

Photos courtesy of https://twitter.com/JuiceKowalczyk

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