Mayweather VS McGregor And How Is It Relevant To Skiing

We live in the world where ( some) boxers become multimillionaires after just one bout, footballers change clubs for amount of money with too many zeros to fit on one page and Uncle Ruppert round the block drives an Italian supersport that he never ever let go over 50.

As one well known character from a TV commercial put it once, “Opulence, I has it”

If you think that the cross country skiing should be immune and isolated from these signs of times we live in – please, save you time, read no further.

For those, however, who want to “look like a million dollars” – or, more likely, to share the story of “opulence” with skiing club buddies – here are some ultra-rare ski items that few ever heard about:

Boots. There are people among us for whom all those ultralight, uber-technological, mega-expensive modern xc ski racing boots are not good enough. Or too flashy. Or too cold – whatever. For those Canadian/American boutique Esatto is offering Custom Cross Country Ski Boots for a cool $1,399 plus shipping.
Don’t look for them on the shelves of your friendly local DSW Shoe Warehouse – all Essatos are made to order and takes 12 weeks to produce a pair.

The Esatos are impervious to bindings wars – there are simply no holes in the soles. We are left to assume that they are either to be used with wire bindings a-la tried & tested Lundhags Husky – or a happy customer would have to drill his own.

Skis. The Battle Ground, Washington made footware would go oh-so-nicely with a pair of Kastelaar handmade cross-country skis. Only highest quality cedar wood is used in production of the Nordico 460 RM along with some carbon/kevlar reinforcement. The Vicenza , Italy based manufacturer states that each ski weighs only 460 grams or 920 per pair. ( a pair of Fischer Speedmax weighs 1.030g)
The best part? The Nordico 460 RM are actualky SKATING skis. If you ever heard of any other wooden skating skis – please write to us and we correct our mistake, but as far as we know it makes the Italian marvel totally unique.
The top model of the cedar wood marvels retails for € 990
How do they feel on snow? Let us just quote the Kastellar website that does not beat around the bush” “…Così esagerato da risultare quasi pornografico…” Can’t wait to test!

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Accessories. Naturally, you can’t just have off-the-rack shades to go with bespoke boots and custom-made wooden skis. You need some Sunglasses with a capital S.
Luckily, there is something to fit that bill – how about Vuarnet Glacier1957 Limited edition with price tag of €490,00?

Only 600 pieces of those French-designed, made-in-Italy spectacles were produced so your chances of bumping into another happy owner are pretty slim.

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