Johaug Verdict: Reactions

Here’s some of the reactions on the CAS verdict extending the Therese Johaug ban to 18 months, denying her the right to participate in the 2018 Olympics:

Therese Johaug:

– I’m completely broken. I had a dream of going to the Olympics. I was told yesterday that I can not get it. I’ve tried to get into it, worked every single day, practically trained to try to succeed in the Olympics, so this is very tough. (seconds later Johaug was forced to interrupt her press conference when she broke up and left the room in tears)

Marit Bjørgen 

– The length of the exclusion is deeply unfair. This shows how vulnerable are we , the sportsmen, to the whims of legality.

Norwegian television journalist Hallvard Flatland
– I think Norwegian skiers should be interested in showing that they do not accept this by boycotting the Olympic Games in 2018

Swedish journalist and commentator Lasse Anrell:
– She did not acknowledge any fault of hers at the press conference. It is quite amazing and says quite a bit about the culture that is in Norway, the doping culture, in which you always argue that you are line with doping rules because you are Norway and you are so big in this sport.

Russian TV journalist and politician Alexey Pushkov
-Those “doping fighters” are gone off their rocker and need to be treated from their mental malaise: to disqualify a Norwegian Olympic champion because of a lip balm?! A complete dictatorship

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