When You Got It – Flaunt It!

A piece of ancient wisdom: being an xc skier equals having a very toned body. And if you have a body to envy, temperatures are rising and there’s Instagram – you got to show it, right?

A few year ago Norwegian skiers started a flashmob: to find picturesque places and to make a photo of your backside on the background. The main thing is to leave as few clothes as possible, so nothing obstructs the view of that strong, muscular back!

That flashmob spread like a wildfire – skiers the world over are engaged in making best snaps of their posteriors. Here are some of the best – and see if you could tell a world champion from a skiing rookie – from behind!

Heidi Weng, Norway, won all possible titles the last winter.


Hedda Baangman, Sweden, wasn’t afraid of the cold and undressed in the middle of a glacier.


Caroline Wollan, Norway, talked a bunch of her friends into “nakid backing”.


Ilaria Debertolis, Italy, consistently daring (and gets three photos in our survey).


Evelina Piipo, Finland, knocking on the door of national team and goes kayaking in Dubai.


But top prize in appreciation goes to Tuva Toftdal Staver, who prefers long distances in Visma Ski Classics.


We couldn’t possibly cram all the strong backsides into one review – so stand by for more. To be continued.

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