Longer, Bigger, Unconventional – Exotic Rollerskis the World Over

One might be excused for thinking that most innovations in the world of rollersking are in the past, the Golden Ratio is found and all producers are just churning out thousands upon thousands of rollerskis of identical sizes made of similar materialы.

True in most cases – but there are rebels in this world: designers and builders, who think outside the accepted norms – and fill our lives with something to talk about – and to try on.

Woodski Inc., USA is based in Manchester, New Hampshire and is known ( you guessed) for its rollerskis with shafts made of laminated birch! To the best of our knowledge, nobody else in the world is using olle good wooded frame for production of two-wheeled skis.

The company does not actively advertise them on its website any longer – but promises to make them on order. List price is only $129 – one of the cheapest offerings on the market for anything not made in China.

A Russian boutique shop Selekta Sport, a powerhouse in competition rollerskis, is offering to those who want something outside the box their Selekta 209 model, equipped with seriously large PU wheels. You could have them with either 124mm or even with 150 мм wheels. They are marketed as a “solution for uneven and less than perfect asphalt”. We would truly like to see the 209s going through bumps on the road at full speed produced by their Shore A scale PU wheels!

An Italian brand Svecom, producer of the state-of-the-art ski grinding machines, is also marketing what is, likely, the world’s longest skate rollerskis. Of course, a few producers experiment with longer, 700mm shafts on classic rollerskis – but Giacomo Zaupa & his team went much further – longer, you might say – than that. Svecom Mach One Skate could be had with either 700mm shaft or with a truly monstrous looking 800mm one. Here’s a video of one of the best young Finnish skiers, a 16 year old Juho Syrjäläinen trying to reign in the beast ( and wins):

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PHOTOS courtesy of Woodski Inc., Selekta Sport and Zaupa Moda Srl.

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