Meet Best Dressed Men in Skiing

As we keep saying, skiers are just regular people, at their core. Regular people, of course, tend to like looking good, and clothes are no exception. Here are some of the most fashionable figures in the skiing world.

The most fashionable members of the world-famous Norwegian team are Niklas Dyrhaug, Emil Iversen and the young star Johannes Klaebo. All of them promote themselves on social media by way of expensive cameras, drones, and other equipment to show off their style.

These Norwegians are the ambassadors of several clothing manufacturers from their native country: Fred Perry Store Oslo, Neuw Denim and, of course, Høyer Trondheim, among other representatives of Norwegian fashion. The brands, of course, are entirely happy to have these esteemed sports stars representing them, and often set up photoshoots to let them strut their stuff. The clothes are often designed with tradition in mind.

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Their Swedish neighbors don’t lag far behind: Teodor Peterson, a man with a truly outstanding appearance, has a contract with clothing brand WeSC. The brand first garnered attention by sponsoring Swedish underground artists, musicians and skateboarders, and now they’ve made the wise move of directing their attentions toward skiers. Peterson was given a whole wardrobe to pick from by WeSC, and gladly showed it all off on social media.

His teammate, Calle Halfvarsson, works with another brand, Wease. Wease doesn’t just sell everyday clothes, but also sports clothes, so Halfvarsson gets twice the bang for his buck.

Russian Alexander Legkov started to live a full live after his Olympic win. He opened up a new ski complex in Peresvet (near Moscow) and became a politician. His clothes, of course, match his status, and Alexander buys outfits in fashionable showrooms, such as YuliaWave Showroom, where Legkov bought leather jackets for himself and his wife.

Legkov has made no secret of his admiration for the brand, having talked about it on Instagram. Maybe YuliaWave designer Julia Vasilevskaya is a friend of his, since Alexander is a friend of many people in the Russian showbiz.

Canadian Alex Harvey is an adherent of Surmesur, a North American men’s clothes brand. The company creates both casual outfits, as well as more official ones for special occasions. Very respectable choice for a World Champion!

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