Singers And Musicians: Skiers’ Hidden Talents

Skiing, running, biking, exercising in gym – then back to skiing – many people think that pro- skiers train at every moment in their life, making it difficult to carve out a time for hobbies. The truth is far from it – elite athletes often have hidden talents, including artistic ones! Here are some of the skiers who could be musicians as well as skiers.

We need to start with Didrik Toenseth, 2-time world champion in relay. When Norwegians found a grand piano at the hotel in Swiss Davos, Toenset sat down at the instrument and played a melody. His teammates immediately posted a video onto Instagram. Enjoy.

Finnish World Cup winner Mona-Liisa Nousiainen (nee Malvalehto) is a professional button-accordionist. She was studying at the prestigeous Sibelius Academy and even won several musical contest. In 2011, Mona-Liisa participated on a TV show where celebrities were taught to conduct an orchestra. She came first, of course.

Another successful skier-musician is Andrew Newell, from the USA. His hobbies – singing and playing the guitar – once resulted in a solo country album named “Green Mountain Air”. There are four songs on it. The album is available on YouTube, iTunes and Andy Newell’s personal website.

The last person on our list is Lars Nelson from Sweden, the Olympic relay champion in Sochi, who has recently retired from the national team. Since childhood, he has played the violin and taken part in different contests. Nelson once took the musical instrument with him to the World Cup and performed solo at Robin Bryntesson’s clip “This Bliz”.

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