The Best Ceremonial Outfits By Famous Skiers

Have you ever become accustomed to warm clothes, gloves, and ski boots, to the point that you practically want to live in them? Titled and famous athletes often share the sentiment, but sometimes even they get dressed up for more genteel occasions. It may be an awards ceremony for the best athletes of that country, a solemn dinner with a state leader, or another worthy occasion that one must look their best for – and if there’s any group of people that knows how to look their best, it’s cross-country skiers. Let’s see what some of the best female skiers look like when they really dress up.

After two relay wins in the 2014 Olympics, Swedish skiers appeared in official ceremonies several times. Charlotte Kalla phenomenal last-leg performance was the talk of the town, so Kalla, along with Ida Ingemarsdotter, Emma Wiken, and Anna Haag flaunted in the meetings more often than Hellner & Co.

Both relay teams obtained Crown Princess Victoria’s grant, and were awarded medals by the Swedish king, Carl Gustaf. The event took place during a bout of rain, so the women wore rainjackets over their similarly-shaped, differently-coloured dresses. Many fashion experts, however, were unimpressed, saying that such muscular women should wear more covering dresses.

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Then it was Idrottsgalan – the main Swedish sports award. Kalla, Haag, Wiken, and Ingemarsdotter became the best team of the Olympic season; however, Kalla was busy preparing for Falun-2015 and didn’t attend. Anna Haag, meanwhile, prepared for the ceremony: she chose a jumpsuit from Teotoki, wore shoes from Zara, and invited a visagiste, Mia Hoegfeld, to help her and her teammates with their hairstyles and make-up.

Of course, more titled Norwegian ladies also visited different events. Two years ago, Kristin Stoermer Steira married Canadian Devon Kershaw, and her teammates congratulated the happy newlyweds. The bride was wearing a dress from Norwegian designer Leila Hafzi. Therese Johaug chose a long tulle skirt with a lace shirt. The outfit cost 995 NOK – barely a 100 US dollars! Then-pregnant Marit Bjoergen spent a lot more – 14 000 NOK.

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Marit Bjoergen prefers jacket or acloak over her dress or blouse. Here’s the ski-queen with her husband, Fred Borre Lundberg. Bjoergen came to get a prize for the best Norwegian athlete of the year.

Justyna Kowalczyk is a well-known face in Poland, but she once also visited the royal palace in Norway. She used the service of Norwegian hairdresser & makeup artist Svetlana Holmen, working with famous actors and politicians.

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