Another Top Five List

I would like to follow up on this story

Everybody has his or her own list of Top Five to Watch – here’s mine . No one on that list is the world’s top Nordic skier – not yet, at least. But all sure train hard to become and already have much to show for it.

And as of justification for looking at their social network photos ( if anybody needs to have one) – here it is: cross country skiers have some of the best bodies in the world. They are strong, healthy and a great pleasure to look at. I had a privilege to run in the same race as two of the people mentioned on this list – can tell you, photos do little justice to their appearances, they are even more impressive in real life, when you notice not just their looks – but their great skiing technique too!

Cheers to Nordic skiers, healthiest and most beautiful people in the world!

Sonja Eskelinen, 19, Finland

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Magdalena Maierhofer, 20 Austria

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Lovise, 21 and Johanne Heimdal, 19, Norway

Aneta Smerciakova, 20 Slovakia

Martina Bellini, 19 Italy

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