Five Up-And-Coming Skiers Who Will Turn You Into Avid Skiing Fan

Would it be fair to say that, without sports, traditional television broadcasting would be dead? Statistics don’t lie: these days, pretty much only sporting events can gather billion-strong audiences in front of TV sets (or, increasingly, computer screens).

What is that we like so much about watching sports? National pride? Sure. Maximum exertion needed to win? Check. Seamless, smooth technique that comes from a combo of talent and thousands of hours of practice? Sure, check, Gorgeous athletic bodies on display? Check, check, check!

It’s tough to be a sports star these days. Just winning is not enough – you have to have a persona that media loves (or loves to hate), and you have to relentlessly work on developing and nurturing a fan base on social media platforms. In return you get your portion of fame – and lucrative sponsorship contracts.

We here are all about cross country skiing – the great sport that is still massively undervalued when it comes to the general public’s interest (“it’s repetitive and boring…”) and corporate sponsorship (“who’s gonna watch that?…”). However, we want to change that. Today, we want to introduce a permanent series on – discovering & promoting up-and-coming cross country skiing stars whose careers you, our dear reader, will really, really want to follow.

23 y.o. Laura Gimmler is part of the Nationalmannschaft Deutschland. She has a medal in relay from the Junior World Championships, and has started to appear in World Cup races.

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22 y.o. Hedda Baangman was recently included in the U-23 group of the Swedish national team.

21 y.o. Yana Kirpichenko, from Russia, a skiathlon bronze medalist at the JWC in Soldier Hollow this year.

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18 y.o. Nancy Okoroh is one of the best skiers in Bulgaria. She’s already won races in the Continental Cup and is, of course, looking forward to Pyeongchang-2018.

Another 18 y.o on this list is Alba Puigdefabregas, Spain. Alba took part in the Youth Olympic Games and European Youth Olympic Festival.

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