Most Successful Skier Ever Turned 50!

Bjørn Dæhlie turned 50 this week!

Amazingly, this news had very little play in the English language media – which is totally wrong & we try to fill that gap.

The Norwegian made history in three different ways

First, as an outstanding sportsman. In fact, the most outstanding of all of them, winter sports practitioners, with 8 Olympic and 9 world championship gold medals ( including relays) in cross country skiing.

Secondly, as a supremely developed individual – Dæhlie once measured a VO2 max of 96 ml/kg/min (  millilitres of oxygen per kilogram ) – unsurpassed world record for a decade until a cyclist Oscar Svensden measured a mind-boggling VO2 max of 97.5 a few years ago.

Thirdly, Bjørn Dæhlie is the richest cross country skier ever – and thus a shining example to every pro-skier ever since on how to convert your fame on the tracks to business success. The Norwegian media estimates Dæhlie’s fortune to be in the region of 400 million NOK – slightly lunderUSD 50 million. Most of it made in various real estate investments and sports fashion ( although Bjørn Dæhlie clothing line was long sold to Active Brands AS). In fact, that’s how Dæhlie mostly gets mentioned in Scandinavia these days – as a cunning investor and advocate for tax reduction.

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Dæhlie!

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