Marathon Engadin, Money Making Machine

The Engadine ski marathon has confirmed yet again its stellar reputation in a very important category: how to stage a popular skiing event – and make a ton money on process.

The Engadin 2017 have generated an income of CHF 6.2 million for the valley proper.
Countrywide the effect of the Engadin mass race is felt even stronger: CHF 15 million was generated in business activities directly linked to the event on a turnover of CHF 33 million, according to the marathon organizers.

To service 13000+ participants and many thousands of their friends & family who came to watch and cheer, an equivalent of 140 full time jobs was created.

“The Engadin hospitality sector is particularly benefiting from the annual sporting event,” Corina Rieser from Event is quoted by «Südostschweiz» newspaper.

Ms Riser also points out at the “ very high level of satisfaction” with the way the marathon is organized among those who took part in it.

We at the Daily Skier concur – the Engadin is an expensive pleasure but the one you want to keep on coming back to. Now, if only they could do something about that notorious “ascent to St.Moritz” bottleneck!

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