Skier’s Cat With Its Own Instagram Account

Everybody loves cats — and elite skiers aren’t an exception, many of them are proud cat owners. the cats of the skiing world come in many shapes and sizes: smooth-haired and shaggy, black and white. Let’s have a look at some of them.

In the world of skiing, the most famous owner and the most famous cat are a real pair – Norwegian Olympic champion and World Champion Vibeke Skofterud, and her cat ginger-haired Siberian Felix. Felix is so important that he’s got his own Instagram account with 160 followers.

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Holder hviledagen hellig jeg ass😴😴😴

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Skofterud is well known cat lover – earlier she had another feline, this one with black & white fur. “If you don’t like cats, you don’t like me” – writes the ex-skier. Her love for cats isn’t just for her own, though, as she’s been spotted feeding homeless kitties.

American Andrew Newell has a soft spot for cats, too, – and loves to show them to the world, especially after returning to the USA after a long winter season in Europe. Here’s one of them named named Finn, probably in honor of Finn Krogh.

Russian Yana Kirpichenko, Bronze Medalist at the FIS Junior World Championship, is the proud owner of a regal British Shorthair. “ No words needed. My Favorite oldie!” – writes Russian international on her Instagram. The 13-year-old cat’s name is Ldina which means ice flow in Russian.

Finnish Vilma Nissinen also took part at the JWC in Soldier Hollow. She didn’t fare as well as Kirpichenko, but could totally compete in feline beauty department, being a happy owner of Cindy, the cat with bright-blue eyes.

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