Skiing mid-May? Sure, If You Are Near Oslo This Week!

Winter is coming returning. At least to Norway, where the region around the capital of Oslo saw over half a meter of snow in recent days .

Geilo Ski resort is showing these images on its webcam. Geilo is at the altitude of around 1000m and is located some 220 km from Oslo. Wish we were there today!

The Hemsedal Ski Center ( 200 rm from Oslo) looks ready to stage a FIS World Cup race – more ready, in fact, than some of the actual venues from the last season.

Even at the iconic Holmenkollen ski center in the suburbs of Oslo there enough snow fell to ski again

Superski AS, a well known cross country ski shop & school, based at Holmenkollen is posting this mouthwatering snap on its Instagram account

The winter paradise mid-May won’t last long – over the weekend some heavy rain is expected.

We’re guessing it was just a parting shot from the last snowy winter that should keep us all dreaming about the next.

TOP PHOTO: Courtesy of Superski AS Instagram account

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