Justyna Kowalczyk: Bring It On!

Justyna Kowalczyk is back in the saddle and has started preparing for the Olympic season.

Koniec obijania. Dzisiaj zaczęłam przygotowania na igrzysk! Niech się darzy!
(The end of bumming around. Today I’ve began the preps for the (Olympic) Games. Bring it on!), the double Olympic champion informed her 21.4 thousand Twitter followers.

When a Twitter fan asked whether the beginning of May is considered to be an early or late start of the season for a professional skier, Kowalczyk replied that the photo caption was a metaphor, and that she was already training but the first “official” training camp began last week at Poronin, a ski resort village in Poland close to the Slovakian border.

The 34-year-old Pole is a reigning Olympic champion in 30km classic-style skiing. We say “reigning” because she won the race the last time the classical event was held, at the Games in Vancouver in 2010. Back then Kowalczyk beat Marit Bjørgen in a thrilling finish by just 0.3 seconds.

Bjørgen got her gold in 30 km in Sochi in 2014, but that one was held freestyle.

The Norwegian is universally strong in both styles, while Kowalczyk won most of her races in classic or skiathlon/pursuit races. In the last few seasons Justyna concentrated on long-distance classic style races – no doubt, setting her sights on the ultimate prize: the 2018 PyeongChang 30 km, held (you guessed it) in classic style.

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