Train Your Balance Like a Boss

The body balance is, likely, the most important single factor in cross country skiing – unless you happen to be a dedicated double-poler, in which case read no further.

For those of us, however, who practice either old good diagonal classic stride or skating, a balance training is a must.

Naturally, there are dozens of devices and gadgets designed to aid – starting with simplest of all, a plastic bottle filled with water, all the way to fancy professional machines for $$$$$.

The Austrian company MFT has turned the balance training into a form of computer gaming.

The MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 connects to you phone or tablet via Bluetooth – et voila, instead of counting seconds, you now actively swing your lower limbs achieving corresponding gaming action on your display. Sensors installed in the disc react to every shift of your body, sending that on-screen ball into a goal or whatever is the aim of your current game ( corresponding app contains about half-dozen to choose from).

Do not expect the graphics of the latest GTA or Medal of Honor – all games are good old fashioned arcades like Ping-Pong, Butterfly or Football – but what a perfect excuse to revisit childhood memories!

Apart from “keeping you in the game” the Disc, according to the manufacturer, “analyses balancing skills and through the app becomes a fitness trainer with training and therapy programs…”

Merging of balance training and gaming does not come cheap – €249,99 off the producer’s site would give most a pause, although some retailers offer a discount now. Still, cheaper than what personal trainers charge for entertaining you while you effort to keep your balance at the gym.

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