Ski Programme Shutdown Causes Outrage

Nordic skiers of New Mexico don’t mince their words.

“…We are the University of New Mexico Ski Team, and we desperately need your help…
This is the message on that outlines the cause for the decades-long programme abrupt shutdown: the UNM ought to urgently find money to  pay a basketball coach a nice round sum of one million dollar for early contract termination.

Yeah, that’s what college basketball coaches get in the U.S. – and the only way the money could be found,  allegedly,  is by chopping off the skiing program, that was run since 1968 and that provides funding for two dozen young athletes and two full time coaches.
The terminated xc skiers refuse to go down quietly, however, and have launched an appeal, demanding a reversal of decision,  that so far has been signed by some 7700 people.

Nordic skiers of New Mexico don’t mince their words

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